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Final Exam

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1. Pick three and explain their function and role in a modern computer. Explain using examples from your work of the semester:



operating system

floppy drive

Random Access Memory


The Random Access Memory - or RAM - is the computer's short term memory.

Data from the hard drive is copied onto the RAM, and vice versa. The porcessor can only work with data on the RAM, not the hard drive, so the more space you have on your RAM, the faster your computer will be, as it needs to write information over from the hard drive less and less.


optical drive

hard drive

The Hard Drive

flash memory


Power supply





sound card/sound system


2. Discuss working within the class group to solve problems and gather information about your projects. How could you use this experience or recreate it to do work in the future?


3. Describe the most significant challenge you overcame while working on computers this semester. What did you do to overcome the challenge?


4. What was the most important thing you learned from this class? Explain.


The most important thing that I learned from this class is the knowlidge of experience. Before this class, i had only taken apart and built computers with help from my friends. Now, with all the pracatice I got, I am able to easily put together a computer, and plan on doing many case mods in the future.


Another thing that I have from the knowlidge of experience is the ability to truobleshoot many problems. I no longer will need to rely on others to fix any hardware problems that i have. I am able to easily recognize and fix many common problems, like broken RAM and power supplies, as well as bad hard drives and the like.


One last thing this valuble experience I have gained will do for me is to save me money, as i can buy parts of a computer and assembal them myself to save hundreds of dollars.


5. What do you wish you learned from this class?


I wish I learned how exactally this part works. It is a way to passivley add two numbers together, and I would need to make a copy of that in knex form to make my differential engine.


I also wish that I could learn how to put togethe a liquid cooling system, and also the vegtable oil cooling system.

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