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New Linux Box

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Currently I have done as much as possible with my knex computer, so I decided that it was time ot start on a new computer.


I would like to get a linux computer up and running again, but make it able to emulate XP/ME.


I know that it is possible, but if I am running out of time, a dual-boot machine would do fine.


I konw this will take work, but I first need to restore a machine.


I grabbed on out of the pile, put in RAM and a pentium three processor, and started in up. I assumed that it was all in working order, poked around on its BIOS to make sure that all things appeared to be working.


After I assured myself everything appeared to be working, I got a Ubuntu Disc and attempted to install it, but no success. I checked to make sure it booted from the CD-drive first, and it did.


I will attempt ot solve this problem

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