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New Start

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New Start


Beginning state:


Well, its been awhile since I was able to fully start on this project again.


As is, there are some changes that I want to make, the first being a solution finder that doesn't involve dropping down kenx, as it makes it too hard to reset.


The computer works still, and I have acess to much knex to make it better.


It can now add digits together, and spit out an answer




I also want to modify it to be able to do subtraction, which I will do by simply running addition in reverse, or adding negative numbers (probley the latter).


After this is done, I want to be able to make the machine be able to add very large numbers, probley by setting a repeat counter for each tens place, or by seperatly adding the tens, hundreds, and such, then working it out.


Lastly, I would like to multiply and divide as well.


if all this is accompolished, the knex computer will be a real mechanical computer.


I also want to create a buzz around this, as currently i am the fifth or so result when you search for knex computer on google.


I would like to be first...


achievements so far

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