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Review of other projects

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 2 months ago

Review of Hard Drive:


The install guide was good, and very usefull if someone wants to install a new harddrive in their computer. However, on a poster maybe you should just post a link to your wiki, as it takes up too much space.


Things I still want too know-


-What is the biggest one abilivble now?


-How does a RAID link work?


-How much should I pay per gig?


-What is the best spin speed?


-How much space do you really need?


You did do a great job with troubleshooting info, and that is good. You also di put alot of information. It may be somewhat crowded and unorganized, but it still is alot of good information


Reveiw of Computer Cooling:


You explain well how they work but thats about it. You need more information on acctually getting and owning a cooling system.


- Where can you buy them?


- How much do they cost?


- How do you install them?


- Technical support?


- How do you read the tempeture?


- What does it cost to maintain?


- Price difference between fan and cooling?


Things like that.

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