Semester Update

What have you done in this course?


This term, I have accomplished many different things. I have researched the different parts of a cooling system, and how to install and buy the most value for money one. I have gotten an old Pentium III computer working and installed Ubuntu on it. I have become familiar with Ubuntu, and learned more things about working with a new OS. I have set up a network. Ihave made a 3.1456 bit processing knexcopmuter, able to add nd subtract single digits.


What was the biggest challenge for you this semester?


The biggest challenge that I faced this semester was in getting a linux computer to be able to share its internet connection. I know that with Windows, it is a simple matter of checking a box. However, with Ubuntu, it can follow several methods. I found many tutorials on how to make it work. They either didn't work, were for out of date programs , or were way to complex for my limited knowledge of Ubuntu. I hope to be able to eventually understand how to make it work, but that is a project for another day.



What have you learned that could be useful outside of school?


One thing that I have learned that I can take outside of school is the experience of working with Ubuntu. I know that many people are too cheap to buy Windows or Mac OSX, so it is good to be able to know how to use linux. Also, most companies will run their servers off of Unix, as it is very secure, and I want to be able to interface wit them better.


Of the things you have done this term, what would you like to do more of?


I would like to be able to work with actual computer hardware so far. I have only worked with hardware when fixing the hard drive/ cd-rom drive connection. I would like to have been able to make a good case mod, but ran out of time. I would also like to spend time building a new computer, instead of an old one.