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on November 3, 2006 at 12:21:28 pm

What have you done this term?


This term i did many things. I found out just about everything there is to be found out about the physics card. I also made a poster about it, which is currently on display in the library. I also reviewed the hardrive and graphics card process.


I also repaired my computer this term. When i first got the computer, i thought everything looked good. It had a DVD drive, a CD burner, a floppy drive, and a pentium III. However, it wouldn't start up. I fixed that problem(see below), and soon the computer was up and running. I installed a new netwrok card, and hooked it up to the internet. Also, I downloaded software off the internet to make it run better, like open office and iToons. I also spent much time trieing to help Witlif on his broken computer project. However, I was unsucessful.



What was the biggest challenge for you this term?


The biggest chalenge for me this term was getting my computer to work. At first, it started up, but the monitor displayed nothing and didn't recive a signal. I figured that the problem must be with the RAM or the vidoe card. I had to replace both before it worked in the end. After I replaced the RAM, I got windows XP installed. Then i tried to get it hooked up to the internet. However, the computer said the network card was broken, so i replaced that and fixed my computer good.


What have you learned that could be useful outside of school?


I have learned alot about computer hardware from the projects on parts of a computer. However, many of them were lacking, but the good ones I learned alot from. I can use this information to better use the other knowlidge.


I also have learned much about working with computer hardware. Although most computer problems are software problem, I can now build my own computer and easily put it together, saving lots of money.


Of the thigns you have done this term, what would you like to do more of?


i would like to contiue to build and repair computers. I consider myself good at this, but would like to get even better. This is because i want to start a computer service company with other friends. i think there is alot more I can learn from this class that i can use to help other people.

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